These are some of the open-source libraries and modules I've created. Click the links for instructions on how to install and/or use them.


Yesttp is a lightweight JavaScript HTTP client for browser and Node environments.

It offers support for creating multiple instances with custom request and response interceptors. By default, it uses JSON serialization and deserialization for both request and response bodies.


Ansible Amazon Runner

This tool makes it easy to spin up a one-time Linux development machine on Amazon, and have it automatically provisioned with Ansible, by:

  • installing Docker
  • installing SDKMan
  • installing NVM
  • installing some popular versions of Java and Node


React SEO Tools

This TypeScript library makes it very easy to:

  • generate SEO tags for your HTML document's <head> element
  • generate a robots.txt file
  • generate a sitemap.xml file
It works especially well with the Next.js framework.