These are some of the personal projects I've worked on over the years. Find out more by clicking the images or links on this page.


Treblekey is a website with musical exercises and resources for beginner musicians. It has sections for learning how to navigate the guitar fretboard, for ear training and for generating random notes to play.

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Overview of different musical exercises and resourcesTool for randomly generating musical notes at a specified tempoVarious exercises for navigating the guitar fretboardFretboard visualization with note markersTab viewer for "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi HendrixPage for listening and identifying musical intervalsResults page after identifying musical intervalsSheet with reference songs to associate with specific musical intervals


Funnelbranch is a funnel analytics service which helps marketers measure and improve conversion metrics on their websites (think: onboarding funnels or product purchase funnels).

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Landing page bannerComparing conversion metricsEasy setup with a small code snippetPricing plansDashboard overviewExample funnelSettings page


Jongmah is a free-to-play Mahjong Solitaire (tile matching) browser game. It features a playlist with relaxing music and several board layouts of varying difficulty.

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Classic Mahjong layoutFlower pot progress markerCompletion screen with timer to start the next gameButterfly-shaped board layoutFish-shaped board layoutPyramid-shaped board layoutInstructions on how to play


Educadia is an online course platform—after signing up and enrolling into a particular course (free or paid), a student will be given on-demand streaming access to all of the course's video lessons.

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Home page bannerAvailable courses overviewPlatform features overviewSupported devicesCourse page headerCourse page curriculumCourse page footerLogging in with a one-time codeCheckout pageEnrollment confirmation pagePersonal enrollments overviewPersonal curriculum overviewVideo lesson pageCourse review dialog


Yellit is a mobile chat app where users can leave small messages at geographic locations. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Home page for the app's websiteLoading screenMain map screen, with some activityControls when selecting a yellExplanation screen for how beacons workCreating your own beaconViewing reactions on the map screenOverview of all my beaconsScreen for viewing likes and reactions to my beacon(Business) Home page for the business website(Business) Overview dashboard